About Facenett Plus
Facenett Plus Verify your account and get the blue tick

1- Facenett plus.

It is simply a platform to verify your full name to give you a blue tick

2- How is this done

First, you must know that anything sent to our team is confidential and will not be published, given, sold, etc.
How is the blue light obtained?
Simply register on the site or on the application and then go to the settings, you will see something called verification
Type your full name, then put your photo, put your passport or ID and send it
After a week or more, the information you sent will be verified
But you must pay attention to an important thing to put all the information on your file in the account correctly
To match the documents you sent
Also, be careful after verifying your account and giving you a blue tick, do not change anything in your profile because you will lose the blue tick.
If you don't see anyone else's information
You can edit your profile
for example
Who can see the date of birth
Make no choice
and make all the information
don't show anyone